Debt Collection

Helping You Get Your Money Back

It’s a pretty indisputable fact: Most people, including individuals and companies, want their money returned quickly. We understand that need and our cost-effective and determined techniques have resulted in returned money for our clients. And, knowing each collection is different, we make sure we analyze your current account and implement the ‘right’ plan for you.


We can take care of your collection claims as our expertise includes:


Debt Recovery

Do you need to get back a specific amount of money that is due and payable to you? The debt collection lawyers at Youngman Law have the expertise to help you retrieve money owed to you, whether it takes a formal legal letter or even legal action. Read more


Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Whether you’re declaring bankruptcy or are a creditor owed money, the experts at our Toronto law practice can assist you. Our team can steer you through the process to protect your interests and help you get what you deserve. Read more


Mortgage Enforcement & Loan Defaults 

Youngman Law offers a range of services for what happens when a borrower can’t make their mortgage payments. Our mortgage enforcement expertise can help you issue demand letters, notices of sale and possession writs. And when it comes to loan defaults, our team can help you use bailiffs to seize security pledged against the loan, and collect any balance owing in the loan, among other services. Read more


Retail, including credit card, Commercial &
Government Collections

We have a lengthy track record providing legal services in this area of debt collection. Over the years Youngman Law has handled thousands of cases for clients including major banks, independent businesses, collection agencies and individual creditors both in Canada and internationally. Read more


Vehicle & Equipment Leasing

This kind of lease involves someone who owns a vehicle or piece of equipment and someone who is using it. The agreement covers the rules and obligations between the two sides, including lease terms and payments, deposits, use of equipment and delivery. Our law experts are ready to assist you collect on breached contracts and enforce your lease agreement rights. Read more


Talk to us about how we can help you with cost-effective advice on debt recovery.