Estates - Wills & Trust Disputes

It’s a very personal issue and Legal Disputes over Wills or Trusts often arise when family members disagree over the property or assets of recently departed family members. An emotionally charged area which needs a lawyer who provides advice that is sensitive to family issues and tensions.


Our firm has represented the following specific problems:


• Excluded heirs in lawsuits seeking additional compensation from Probate proceedings and defended heirs against such claims in Court.

• Family members and beneficiaries who believe that a trustee, executor or administrator has engaged in fraudulent or dishonest conduct in the administration of a will or trust.

• Cases involving missing inventories, mismanaged trusts, contested estates, conservatorships, Power of Attorney cases, and guardianships.


Let Youngman Law deal with the issue the way it should be: with solid, tactful and simplified advice that doesn’t do any lingering damage to family or friendship dynamics.